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Pamper your dog with a spa day and a treat. Pampered Pet Kit includes premium and all natural products for your dog's care and wellness. 

Have a cat? Have multiple pets? Try our original PAMPERED PET KIT instead.

Items Included in Kit

CBD Dog Chews | Soothe the nerves or use daily for your pet's wellness care.

1 Chew, 1-2 times per day | 30 Chews | 2mg CBD each

Dirty Dog Soap | Refresh, Hydrate and Soothe sensitive skin.

Use to bathe your pup | 1 Bar of Soap

Paw Balm | Soothe cracked noses, paws and rashes.

Apply to dry areas after a bath or as needed | .1 oz Balm Bar


Every product is tested for potency and purity. Test results and additional product information is available to view through each linked item.