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PMS is real and may affect every woman differently; from cramps to nasty breakouts, some symptoms can be debilitating for most. "DOT" is a kit that includes hand-picked items that are put together to help rescue you from PMS... because you don't deserve to be in a bad mood.

Items Included in Kit

Vegan CBD Gummies | Improve your mood + tackle cramps and bloating

Use daily for support during your cycle days. | 10 Gummies | 25mg CBD each

CBD Energy Drink | Get up and get going + fight the fatigue 

Use daily or as needed for energy during your cycle days. | 5 Packets | 12.5mg CBD each

CBD Salve Stick | Topical relief in a tube + pocket size for on the go.

Rub on achy body areas as needed. | 0.5 oz stick | 250mg CBD

Sleep Capsules + CBD | When you need the rest + take a long nap or sleep.

Take one when needed, may cause drowsiness. | 4 Capsules | 25mg CBD per Capsule | 3mg CBN | Melatonin Formula

Certificate of Analysis

Every product is tested for potency and purity. Test results and additional product informatin are available to view through each linked item.